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When a first-time client approached us to plan their Dallas-based meeting, we showed them everything really is bigger (and better!) in Texas.

The Challenge.

When a first time client approached Meeting Protocol to plan their Dallas-based meeting, we took the opportunity to show them that everything really is bigger (and dare we say better?) in Texas.

The Solution.

The MPW team knows that first impressions are everything and is always looking for new and exciting ways to take meetings to the next level. When we plan a meeting we take it from standard and run of the mill to something to write home about.

So for this meeting, the MPW team included Texas themed cookies, a custom banner with artwork made especially for the client, M&Ms with the client's logo, and in addition to all that, we even went so far as to put the client's name in lights (we told you everything was better in Texas).

The Outcome.

The client was so impressed, they took the leftover cookies, M&Ms, and even their custom banner home with them, plus lots of photos with their lighted marquee. We think it's safe to say that the client "ate it up." It, of course, being the level of attention and detail MPW applies to every meeting we plan.

Please note: This article was originally published under our previous brand, Meeting Protocol Worldwide. As of 2024 we are now known as Scout, with Meeting Protocol services operating as Scout Meetings.